In-Spirit was conceived in 2019 in Ubud, Bali. Our idea was to design a programme that would enable our students, regardless of their experience level with music, to create something that they feel connected to. We want to show people the tools that exist in our world now that can help them to allow the creativity to flow through them easily and manifest their ideas into a beautiful reflection of themselves.
In-Spirit is not just a course about learning how to use a computer program to make music. It’s about overcoming all the challenges that are part of learning something new and being creative. It’s about overcoming your fears of performing in front of others, of sharing your work, of being vulnerable to yourself and the people around you. It’s about surrendering, and allowing your creative channels to open, breaking through whatever layers of agreements that you’ve made with yourself that you may or may not be meant to do something, because at In-Spirit we believe that if your heart and soul are telling you to do something, then it is meant to for you.

Another core aspect of our essence is to connect with nature. We are incredibly blessed to be living and present on this earth and it’s in our nature as human beings to be fused with its energy. Nature gives us inspiration, life, and so much more, and this is why it’s our mission to give back to this land. During each retreat, we create a compilation album with all the music created there, we then partner with a local NGO involved with preserving or regenerating the land there, and donate 100% of the money generated to help their cause. After our retreat in Portugal 2019, we partnered with the Primal Gathering to help with their reforestation efforts, we have helped them to purchase and plant almost 1000 trees in Portugal with music!

Finally, it is our goal to create a global In-Spirit community and family. We began In-Spirit in Indonesia, and in just one year we’ve expanded to Portugal, India, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Our family consists of creative, inspired people from all over the world that all have a common thread in their mission: to help raise global consciousness and vibration through music! Music is an incredibly powerful tool and we believe it can help to shift the culture of this world in a positive direction. We plan to continue taking In-Spirit around the world, growing our community, helping people to share their art and grow… if you resonate with our mission and feel called to join our family, please fill in an application form and join us as soon as possible, we are waiting for you!