21st - 30th MARCH 2020 



The Level 1 In-Spirit course is designed to take our students on a journey from the very conception of a musical idea, through the process of creating and arranging a song, to learning how to perform your song live!  Level 1 is for aspiring artists looking to take their first steps on their path in music production or artists who’ve begun their journey already and are looking to enhance their skills and dive into the world of medicine music creation.




Full Retreat Details

A detailed preparation guide of instructional events and side events will be emailed out to participants 2 weeks prior to the start of the Retreat.

Download a sample schedule here

Who is this retreat for:
Music lovers, musicians, Djs, singers, cacao ceremony space holders, producers, ecstatic dance facilitators and any with a desire to learn. As we said before, all levels of experience are welcome! A diverse selection of electives will provide you with the opportunity to choose the classes which will be adjusted to your personal skills and aspirations.
What you get out of the retreat:

At the end of the retreat you will have received all the tools and knowledge you need to create your own track from start to finish - including mixing techniques and mastering fundamentals - and to perform it live with Ableton.

  • Over 32 hours of group instructional content (7 x formal seminars, group track production, masterclasses, panels & informal talks).
  • The opportunity to perform in our retreat closing party !

  • Inspiration from the magical natural beauty of the South of Portugal.

  • To get the most out of the 10 days retreat we are working with a highly efficient and well established 7 steps of music-creation process; in combination with a great variety of elective and facultative classes that can be customized to your skills and interests (you will find more detailed information in the program).

  • Learn methods and develop spiritual practices that will help you to get into alignment with your core essence, to center your focus, and to channel inspiration.

  • 2 hours of a private one-on-one session with one of our talented and experienced instructors*.​​

  • The opportunity to co-create with, be inspired by, and involve yourself in a community of fellow artists and producers.

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Application Requirement:
In order to facilitate symbiotic relations throughout the retreat, and to understand your motivations we need you to fill in the registration form below so we can know best how to serve your needs. Tell us about your experience with music and/or music production, and what you hope to get out of your time at In Spirit.

What you need to bring with you:

We strongly recommend that all participants bring at least the following items to optimize their learning experience:

  •  Laptop (with Ableton* pre-installed, sample packs, etc)

  • Studio quality headphones

  •  Notebook for taking notes

  • External Hard Drive (or min 100Gb space free on the computer)


  • if you are a musician feel free to bring your instruments of choice

  • a small midi controller or keyboard (will be providing a few Ableton* push controllers)


  •  USB Hub

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Facilities & Amenities:
The retreat will take place in a spectacular jungle atmosphere, close to a river, 20 mins outside of Ubud. It is the perfect space to get inspired, connect with nature and to enjoy the tranquility and silence between the notes.
  • Music Studios

  • common community space

  • Music room


An organic vegetarian lunch is included 




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if you have any questions:  info@inspirit.love
What is included in the price? 
  •  1  vegetarian meals per day
  • Over 32 hours of group instructional content. (7 x formal seminars, group track production, masterclasses, panels & informal talks)
  • 2 hours of private one-on-one sessions with one of our instructors
  • Exclusive discounts and freebies towards music production related products:
               Loop - and Samplepacks
               Templates for Ableton
  • Optional group excursions and outings may be offered at a separate cost

Risk Disclaimer

Please check with your country's government website for any relevant travel warnings about traveling to the cities where IN SPIRIT retreat is being hosted.


Visa requirements, IN SPIRIT retreat is not responsible for entry related Visas.

We provide a safe learning environment and our program is thoughtfully planned, but no responsibility will be taken for any injuries incurred during the retreat.

We encourage participants to secure travel insurance for all international travel.



Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Percussionist

Shamanic Catharsis (Pablo Vicencio), part of the Chill Mountain record label in Japan, travels through the stars to infinity, reaching deeply into your being with shamanic healing songs and much percussion to connect us to earth.

Pablo Vicencio Producer and multi-percussionist has traveled the world in search of his own sound.

He work the percussions of the album (Waiting for your voice) by Paulina Aguirre with which she won the first Latin Grammy in in the category of Christian music. He recorded with great artists such as Nicola Cruz, in large part of his latest album and several remixes such as the one RAIZ (ROOTS) from Bomba Estereo (Nicola Cruz Remix). Producer and Multi-instrumentalist in Huaira, session and tour musician with Check Tidiane Seik, Altiplano de Chile, Minuk, R.A.I.O, Paulina Aguirre, Lauryn Hill, Cinto, Wañukta Tonic, Bueyes de Madera, Alberto Plaza, etc.

Music Producer, Musician
Argentinian producer Pedro Canale has been working on Chancha Vía Circuito, a musical project that has allowed him to travel the world and put his mark on what is now known as latinamerican electronic music, since 2005. He began by exploring digital cumbia, but as he journeyed through Latin America, he experimented with acoustic sounds. His catchy sound transformed him into a notable reference for a new generation of artists.
Music Producer, Musician

Kaleema's music is where the organic and the exotic collide. Her songs contain notes of South American melodies, African folklore, all coming together under contemporary electronic beats.

With a classical musical background, the composer and producer Heidi Lewandowski combines in her creations the Afro-Colombian pulse, classical instruments and pop & hip hop flavour.

Kaleema reflects the sound of a soul free of territorial and musical boundaries.

Nómada -her first album- was edited by the Brazilian label Tropical Twista in 2017 and presented live in Europe, USA and Latin America. Nómada Remixes was released on early 2018 and features Chancha Via Circuito, El Búho, Sidirum & Uji tracks.

In 2018 Shika Shika's compilation Unión included her original track Obsidiana and featured on El Búho's & Chancha Via Circuito's latest records. Lagartijeando, Piper street sound, Pol nada, & Andres Oddone were some of the aritsts that she remixed this year.

Musician/Producer/Sound Engineer/DJ

With over a decade of international acoustic music experience behind him, Captures is a cross-discipline artist who combines his own electronic music productions with live instrumental performance. Using found sound, synthetic, live, and organic textures, Captures creates a blend of sonic experiences suitable for spaces ranging from the dynamic dance-floors of Berlin to cultural and creative spaces Worldwide. Influenced by styles ranging from down-beat, trip-hop, deep house, ambient, and meditative music, Captures invites more than just the music itself, but a deeper look into process, intention, performance, and devotion.


Captures has spent the last 7 years traveling from his Berlin home-base across the globe to share his wisdom and experience as a producer and live-electronic artist. He has played many festivals and events worldwide including Fusion Festival (Berlin, Germany), Garbicz Festival (Garbicz, Poland) Burning Man (Black Rock City, NV) as well has held residencies in Mexico City, Tulum, and Los Cabos. His current project entitled “The Grooveship” is a one-on-one musical container where he takes the foundation artist to the next level of their artistry through ritual, intention setting, and deepening of musical concepts and values, while opening the potential for a broader sense of creative possibility in music and in life.

Music management and Consulting

Allie Silver is the founder of Free Radical Productions, a music management and consulting company specializing in South American artists. In the past seven years, Free Radical has produced and managed over 40 international tours in over 37 countries throughout Europe, the US, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals worldwide. Her critically acclaimed Band Therapy consulting program and workshops help artists and artist professionals from all over the world develop personalized strategies for international career development. Allie has worked in the world music industry for the past 14 years in a variety of roles, from managing ZZK Records in Buenos Aires to festival production and radio host for the Chicago World Music Festival. She has been an invited speaker at various international music conferences and universities from Taiwan to Spain, and has served as a Samurai jury member at the World Music Expo. She is the co-founder Women of the World, a networking group for women in the world music industry.

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21st - 30th MARCH 2020, BALI